Michael J. Arralde Accordion Specialist

Your accordion is a musical treasure which will be cared for by master accordion specialist and craftsman, Michael J. Arralde. If your instrument requires repair, tuning, or a complete refurbishment, you can rest assured you will receive personal attention from one of the world's top specialists in accordion service.

• Precision tuning
Custom restoration and overhaul
Midi installation
Precision mechanical and compression repair

You can also select your new accordion from among our custom-built Diamond™ models. You may also choose from among dozens of expertly refurbished, previously-owned accordions from a number of manufacturers. Call us today at 253-639-7000 to arrange for an appointment.

The world's finest accordions from Michael J. Arralde

Owning a Diamond™ accordion means you own one of the world's finest accordions, built for a lifetime of enjoyment of beautiful accordion music. Your custom-designed, exclusive Diamond™ accordion is made to Michael J. Arralde's expert specifications as preferred by professional accordion players worldwide.

• Handmade reeds
• Hardwood construction
• Silent keyboard and bass mechanism
• Air tight with superior compression

Diamond Tiara Accordion

Diamond "Tiara"

This concert model accordion represents the ultimate in quality, beauty of tone and superb mechanical function.

Treble: Four sets of handmade, hand cut reeds of the finest Swedish blue steel. This instrument has 41 treble keys cut of plexiglass. 12 pre-set automatic switches and double tone chamber (2 in, 2 out).

Bass: Five sets of the finest handmade, hand cut, Swedish blue steel reeds. 9 pre-set automatic bass switches, 120 basses. Single tone chamber (1 in, 4 out).

Weight: 27.5 pounds

Diamond Tiara Accordion

Diamond "Italia"

Treble: Four sets of the finest handmade, hand cut, Swedish blue reeds. This instrument has 41 treble keys cut of plexiglas. 11 pre-set automatic switches. 4 distinct musette variations, enablilng proper execution of many ethnic styles.

Bass: Five sets of the finest handmade, hand cut, Swedish blue steel reeds. 5 pre-set automatic bass switches 120 basses.

Weight: 25 pounds


Diamond "Compatto"

This accordion model is a smaller, lighter instrument without sacrificing any of the quality, tone, power or handling compared to a full-size professional accordion.

Reeds: 3/4 sets finest handmade, hand cut, highest-quality Swedish blue steel.

Keyboards: 34 full-size keys in treble, 72 basses in full size and spacing.

Switches: 5 treble switches, 3 bass switches, plus palm master switch.

Weight: 19 pounds

Diamond Compatto Accordion
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